Convertible Backpack and Rucksack

Convertible Backpack and Rucksack

Our these beautiful convertible Slouching Shoulder Strap Bag, Canvas Slouching Shoulder Strap Bag, Convertible Handmade Backpack, Convertible Canvas Sling Rucksack, Stonewashed Slouching Shoulder Strap Bag and Backpack, Stonewashed Convertible Rucksack, Sling Rucksack with Stonewash Cotton Canvas Nepali Gheri Sling Backpack, Gheri Convertible Backpack and Rucksack, Nepali Gheri Bag and Backpack, Cotton Gypsy Rucksack, Stonewash Gypsy Rucksack, Bohemian Fashion Canvas Sling Backpack, Gypsy Cotton Canvas Backpack and Rucksack, Bohemian Fashion Nepali Gheri Backpack, Multicolor Striped Converting Bag, Heart Shape Convertible Backpack and Rucksack, Round shape Convertible Slouching Shoulder Bag, Tibetan Pattern Canvas Backpack, Tibetan Tribe Design Canvas Rucksack, Hippie Cotton Canvas Backpack, Nepali Cotton Hippie Rucksack, Tribal Design Cotton Backpack, Backpack and Rucksack are made from Nepali gheri cotton canvas. Gheri cotton canvas fabric is one of the traditional back-strap weaving professions of rural women of hilly areas in Nepal.

Heart and round shape Zipper pouch converts into a beautiful multicolor striped backpack or slouching shoulder strap bag. To carry on your daily use it would be a perfect casual bag for stuffing things. It has outer zipper closer pocket which is very suitable for secure your phone, wallet and small important belongings and one top pocket with coconut button closer flap is good for your small snapshot camera or if you are smoker then perfect pocket for cigarette box size things. Zipper closer unlined roomy main compartment allow you to carry many important belongings. Overall this handmade in Nepal bag is lightweight, comfortable and practical for bohemian fashion.

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