Stone wash Backpacks

Stone wash Backpacks

Fashion Razorcut Backpack

These beautiful, comfortable and modern styles Bohemian Bags and backpacks are handcrafted by the women artisan of Himalayan kingdom of Nepal. We produce these Bags & backpacks usually from cotton, canvas, wild hemp, recycled fabric etc. To make and give authentic vintage looks on these beautiful bohemian style Bags & purses, our women artisan put their best effort by using their beautiful hand embroidery, pattern, applique and crochet works. Uneven faded colour are the unique feature of these Handmade Products and we use unique stonewash process to create these looks. you may feel slight variation in design, colour & texture on every single piece which is the nature of these products.

-Fairly made & child labor free products.

-Minimum order quantity is 24 pcs per color & design.

-Can be customizing the products’ embroidery, size, color, patches etc.

We appreciate your support by purchasing and trading these products because you are serving and helping to those women & craft person for to improve their lives and sending their kids to school.

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  1. Teen Hemp Backpack HBB 0004
    Teen Hemp Backpack HBB 0004 Learn More
  2. Cotton Backpack RCBB-0301-A

    Cotton Backpack RCBB-0301-A

    Code: RCBB-0301-A
    Cotton Backpack RCBB-0301-A Learn More
  3. Cotton Backpack RCBB-0301-B

    Cotton Backpack RCBB-0301-B

    Code: RCBB-0301-B
    Cotton Backpack RCBB-0301-B Learn More
  4. New Fashion Backpack & Rucksake RCBB-0302
    New Fashion Backpack & Rucksake RCBB-0302 Learn More
  5.  Rucksake Backback  RCBB-0303-A
    Rucksake Backback RCBB-0303-A Learn More
  6. Canvas Bohemian Backpack RCBB-0303-B
    Canvas Bohemian Backpack RCBB-0303-B Learn More
  7. Razor cut Cotton Backpack RCBB-0304-A
    Razor cut Cotton Backpack RCBB-0304-A Learn More
  8. Stonewashed Rucksack  RCBB-0304-B
    Stonewashed Rucksack RCBB-0304-B Learn More
  9. Nepali Backpack RCBB-0305-A

    Nepali Backpack RCBB-0305-A

    Code: RCBB-0305-A
    Nepali Backpack RCBB-0305-A Learn More
  10. Rucksack Cotton RCBB-0305-B

    Rucksack Cotton RCBB-0305-B

    Code: RCBB-0305-B
    Rucksack Cotton RCBB-0305-B Learn More