Dreams Catchers

Dreams Catchers

The night air is filled with dreams both good and bad. If you are hanging dream catcher over or near by your bed, swinging freely in the air, it catches the good dreams as flow by. This is what the Native Americans believe and dream catchers are the one of the most fascinating traditions of Native American. Negatives dreams would stuck up in the web of dream catcher and the first rays of the sun destroy those bad dreams but the positive dreams knows how to slip through the hole of the dream catcher and gently slide down through the feather to the sleeping person.

In these days dream catchers didn’t remain belongs to Native American’s traditions only but become very popular hanging decoration items in bohemian fashion world and in new generation fashion. Himalayan Handicrafts Industry producing those most fascinating traditions of the Native Americans with the natural wild hemp threads fabric here in Nepal. We might not able to craft like Native American Crafted it but still our artisan crafts it with passionately and many satisfied customers from around the world carrying it.

We use hemp thread, steel ring, wooden beads and feather to produce this most popular dream catchers but on some countries, feather are not easily allow to carry so we producing it with Thick n Thin colorful thread teasel too. Our dreams Catchers are available with wide verities on various size and many vibrant colors. We also welcome your own size and color customize on it.


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