Himalayan Yak Wool Poncho

Himalayan Yak Wool Poncho

Himalayan Yak Wool Poncho People made it famous with these name “Himalayan Yak wool, Tibetan Yak wool, Big Yak wool, Combed Yak wool, Nepal Yak Wool, Highland Yak wool etc. To be honest these Ponchos are made out of Cotton & Acrylic wool. No matter who said what on their website and sales store, the warped thread are cotton and weaving line thread are acrylic so lets say 70% acrylic wool and 30% cotton.

Our women artisan of Himalayan kingdom of Nepal handcrafts these elegant, beautiful, comfortable and cozy woolly Scarf, Shawl, Blanket and Ponchos.

We produce this Yak wool - clothing usually from soft knitting cotton fabric and acrylic wool.

you may feel slight variation in design, colour & texture on every single piece which is the nature of handcrafted products.

-      We produce these Ponchos on Two size :- S/M and L/Xl

-      MOQ 12 pcs / assorted color. If you are looking for particular color then let us know, we will check on our stock, If we don’t have then we need to produce it. MOQ 200pcs per color require.

-Fair trade & child labor free products.

Can be customizing the products’ size, color, pattern etc.